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Trimmer Mowers (string trimmers) | DR Power Equipment


Get the most out of your DR Trimmer Mower with essential accessories. Includes the 12" Beaver Blade kit for turning your string trimmer into a chainsaw-like brush cutter.

Trimmer Mower Product Support | DR Power Equipment


We want to help you keep your DR® Trimmer Mower running in top form. Use these resources to help maximize performance and extend the life of your investment.

Hack a Mower to build your own Red Neck Trimmer Mower


A Trimmer mower is similar to a regular mower but is much better for cutting tall weeds. A regular mower just runs over them, pushing them down and out of the way of the blades. whereas a Trimmer...

Mower Vs. Trimmer | eHow


When it comes to lawn care, there really is no "versus" when you're comparing a mower and a trimmer. Each has its own way of doing things, and each does its job very well.

How to String a DR Trimmer Mower | eHow


The DR trimmer mower is like a weed trimmer on major steroids. It resembles a push mower except the front has a very large cutter head just like a hand-held weed trimmer.

CALIFORNIA TRIMMER | Mower Maintenance


“Reel won’t turn” “Mower won’t propel” Parts List and Mower Schematics. California Trimmer Mower Maintenance Manual.



Congratulations on your purchase of a new DR® TRIMMER/MOWER™ We have done our utmost to ensure that your DR® will be one of the most...

The scoop on 'DR Trimmer/Mower'


I've had a sprint, the least expensive mower trimmer at the time, for about 20 years. It has suffered much abuse including being hit by a car driven by my son learning to drive...

California Trimmer reel mowers... | Lynnwood WA Evergreen Mowers


Why use a California Trimmer reel mower? Reel mowers will provide you with a healthy lawn that has the look of a finely manicured golf green.

DR Power Equipment - Dealer Program | DR Trimmer/Mowers


The original string trimmer on wheels! DR Trimmer/Mowers are the perfect tool for keeping your property looking tidy all season long.


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