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uninstalling Facebook app - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com


Facebook for android there is no uninstall or delete option its greyed out. Only option is uninstalling updates.

How to uninstall Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android


Whatever the reason why you want to uninstall this app from your smartphone, on OneHowTo we want to help and explain how to uninstall Facebook Messenger quickly and easily, whether you have an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone.

How to uninstall Facebook from my Android mobile? Is it possible...


Dear user, you can easily uninstall facebook application in your android phone so 1. Go to setting2.

Facebook’s Android app can drain your battery and impact... | BGR


So, uninstalling the Facebook app saves both battery and speeds up Android phones, it seems. Obviously, Facebook provides a lot of utility and enjoyment for users, so it’s not as if most people will realistically wipe their devices clean of any Facebook presence.

How To Freeze Or Uninstall Apps That Came With Your Phone...


Facebook. Pinterest.

Uninstalling Facebook Speeds Up Your Android Phone - Tested...


Just like someone who develops an Android app doesn't need to know which phone/kernel/Rom is being used.

How Do You Uninstall Facebook for Android (not HTC)?Support


I installed Facebook for Android from the Market. Are you saying once I install that version of FB I can't uninstall?

Here are 3 reasons you should uninstall Facebook now - AndroidPIT


The Facebook app for Android has become a monster piece of software over the years. It’s clear that as manufacturers improve phone hardware, Facebook increases the power of

How to uninstall preinstalled android apps like Facebook on Galaxy...


Android phones & tables come with preinstalled apps or bloatware like Facebook, Email, Maps, Samsung apps etc.

8 Reasons to Uninstall Facebook App Now - XtremeRain


Do you want to delete or uninstall facebook app from your smartphone? Indeed, It is the most popular social networking app for Android phone till now. But, the reasons are solid to delete the app right away.

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