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In this review I will cover and discuss not only the Valentine One radar detector unit itself but I will also discuss the company behind the Valentine One called Valentine Research and my experiences both good and bad that I have had over the years.

Radar Roy’s Review of the Valentine One Radar Detector


Why the Valentine One is Non GPS Enabled. The biggest complaint that is echoed even by V1 Zombies, are the excessive amount of false alerts given by the Valentine One. This fact was noted in a review of the V1 by AutoWeek, where they dubbed it the “chicken little of radar detectors...

Upgrades | Valentine One | Radar Detectors


No Planned Obsolescence: Other radar detector makers want you to throw away your old detector and buy new. Not me. Nearly two decades after the first Valentine One, I'm still working for that customer, because every Valentine One we've ever made can be upgraded to the latest technology.

Valentine One Review 2017 | Top Radar Detector


The Valentine One will offer valuable protection from radar and laser guns and it is difficult to detect by other devices. See how it compares with the competition.

Valentine One Review | Valentine One Radar Detector Reviews...


In this Valentine One review, we’ll be looking at the features that make this radar detector great, customer ratings and reviews, the pros and cons and our verdict on this detector. Valentine One Review. Radar and Laser Coverage.

Amazon.com: Valentine One Radar Detector: Car Electronics


Valentine One Radar Detector. 4.5 out of 5 stars 330 customer reviews.

Review: Escort Redline XR vs. Max 360 vs. Valentine One


Product Reviews. Radar Detector Buyers Guide.

Valentine One Radar Detector Review


Check Out These User Reviews Of The Valentine One Radar Detector.

Review and purchase your own Valentine One radar detector!


Reviews for all radar detector models!

The Best Radar Detector | The Wirecutter


Neither site sells the Valentine One, the model that usually takes top honors or second place for most independent editorial reviews and tests. They both consistently find an Escort brand radar to be the winner for best detector—which also happens to be brand they sell the most.

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