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Windows Phone 7.5 Facebook Chat Not Working


Windows Phone 7.5 Facebook Chat Not Working.

Facebook chat not able to work on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango


Just follow the steps to link with windows live id through facebook to get facebook chat on your windows phone mango..... ->sign into your windows live account,this can be done by heading over to http://profile.live.com from your pc browser...

windows phone 7.5 facebook chat not working


Функция Facebook Chat Heads теперь доступна на Android и без Home ... анонс Facebook Home до боли напомнил презентацию Windows Phone 7.5.

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I have always appreciated what Windows Phone has to offer: a clean and intuitive user interface that works well, to put it simply.

Facebook/AIM chat, Group Messaging and more... | Windows Central


Windows Live Messenger, Facebook chat and AOL Instant Messenger all integrated under

The Ultimate Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Preview - Pocketnow


There’s also a pivot tab that lists all of your contacts who are currently online via Facebook Chat and Windows Live Messenger.

What’s new with Windows Phone 7.5?


Start with a text and nish in Facebook chat or Windows Live Messenger chat (or vice versa).

[Download] Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Update Now... - Gadgetian


The new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update will bring features like (as many as 500 in total!) multitasking, Internet Explorer 9 with support for HTML5, Threads, improved live tiles, LinkedIn, Twitter integration, Contact groups, Facebook chat, check-ins, photo tagging, Local Scout, visual voicemail...

Windows Phone 7.5 Review, Part 3: App-by-App Rundown of Other...


In Windows Phone 7.5, this app has been significantly overhauled, and it now offers Windows Live Messenger and Facebook Chat functionality too, so it's now a complete unified messaging solution.

FACEBOOK CHAT NOT WORKING - Microsoft Community | Forum


My FaceBook chat is not working on my Windows Phone 7.5 (Lumia 800) and Windows 8 since long time. I did tried to remove FaceBook connection completely and adding it again. Have done this exercise at least 20 times in last 2 months - but everything went in vain.


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