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Write about Astana ,its population,food , weather and buildings. написать на эту тему на англиском и перевод не сильно. большое.

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Write. Add these words to the word map: parties, sweets, flowers.

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International Science and Technology Center Nazarbayev University Kabanbay Batyr Ave, 53 Block 39, office 86 010000 Astana, Kazakhstan.

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Astana International Airport (IATA: TSE, ICAO: UACC) is an international airport in Kazakhstan located 16.7 km (10.4 mi) southeast of the capital Astana. Astana's first airfield was built in 1931 on the outskirts of the town and was developed further after World War II.

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About Astana. The city was formed in 1832, near the beach of river Esil in the Karaotkel tract where a keep named Akmola was founded.

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Astana is the capital of the republic of Kazakhstan. It is the third largest city in the country with population over 800 000. In 1999 Astana was awarded a Prize of UNESCO “City of Peace”.

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About Astana. Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. The city was founded in 1832 on the banks of the river Ishim in the natural boundary Karaotkel as Akmola fortress.

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Next year on May 6 of 1998 it was renamed to Astana. Today Astana is an important industrial and cultural center of Kazakhstan, railway and auto-transport junction.

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