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17 сен 2016 ... Yandere | Яндере запись закреплена ... #yangire@yandere_daily. 3:03 ..... https ://www.quotev.com/quiz/3020411/What-level-yander.

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Definition od "dere" (If You didn't know what is it) - Results included: Tsundere; Dandere; Tsushun; Deredere and Himedere It's my first quiz, so I hope You all enjoy~ I didn't do a Yandere on Yangire result, sorry, but I'll do anoth...

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Make a Poll. Quiz Directory. Popular. Editor Picks. Poll: Yandere or Yangire?

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Welcome If you adore and love yandere or yangire characters, shy and cute persons who just snap one day, then you definitely must join this club. If you don't, something terrible might happen to you... Term of Yandere: Yandere (ヤンデレ)...

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Top 10 Yandere/Yangire Characters - Продолжительность: 7:43 Sloan The Female Otaku 90 953 просмотра.

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Basically, any anime/manga/VN/etc that has yandere/yangire gets its name posted here. Obviously the well known ones will be posted, but this also to help list the lesser known ones as well. Pic is from KuruKuru Fanatic, an untranslated yandere eroge.

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A blog dedicated to male yandere and yangire, as they tend to not get enough recognition. (sourced!) submissions, suggestions and requests are very much appreciated!

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Eros - Demon (OC) in Soul Calibur 5 - BETA version by MisterCross. Have a very yandere valentines' day by Shadows-of-Trinity. Yangire Boys.

Yangire and Yandere


So wait…is Yuno Gasai a Yangire or Yandere? Yangire is closely related to Yandere and, in fact, can be considered a sub-category of it. The sub-categorization comes from how similar these are and how Yangire was coined after Yandere.

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Typical yangire|Typical yandere. Ребята, у меня если предложение. Как насчёт конкурсов и игр?

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