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Come Dine With Me - Worst Loser Ever!!! - YouTube


Worlds worst loser ever on come dine with me Northampton All rights go to Channel 4 and Come Dine With Me.

Come Dine With Me featured the world’s worst loser - The Poke


Peter from Oxfordshire was not happy about coming last in his episode, so he dealt with his loss in an utterly charmless way.

Video: Come Dine With Me: losing contestant throws massive tantrum


A recent episode of Come Dine With Me featured one of the most cringe-worthy moments in the programme's 11 year history, as one contestant gave a textbook demonstration of how to be a bad loser.

Come Dine With Me: Shocking scenes as world's sorest loser comes...


Come Dine With Me has had its fair share of heated, hilarious and just plain cringeworthy moments, but none quite so spectacular as the “world’s sorest loser” from Monday night’s

VIDEO: Worst loser ever? Come Dine With Me contestant... | Daily Star


Come Dine With Me contestant has MELTDOWN after coming 4th. EVERYONE’S favourite daytime cookery show Come Dine With Me has been rocked by an on-screen meltdown.

This Come Dine With Me Contestant Has To Be The WORST Loser...


Advertisement. This Come Dine With Me contestant has to be the worst loser of all time. Advertisement. In case you have never seen the show, basically a number of people enter the show and each throw a dinner party, inviting the other contestants.

Get ready for the worst bad loser in the history of Come Dine With Me


Hang on I literally cant get over that episode of Come Dine With Me. He called his guest a 'fat troll'... To her face...

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Come Dine With Me is presented by Dave Lamb and features four or five contestants from a variety of backgrounds who all share a love of cooking.

This Guy Is The Worst Bad Loser In The History Of Come Dine...


There have been some absolute classic contestants on Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me over the years – but none as bad as this guy. When I say bad, however, I mean incredible. We’re not sure how the previous episodes of this one went, but that doesn’t matter...

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