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Стильная и зажигательная кавер-группа для свадьбы, корпоративного или праздничного мероприятия.

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24 июн 2016 ... Хотите заказать музыкантов с богатым опытом работы на массовое мероприятие? Интересуют лучшие кавер группы Москвы? Нужна ...

yuppie — Викисловарь


yuppie. Существительное. Корень: -yupp-; суффикс: -ie. ... Происходит от англ. yuppie, что является сокр. от young urban professional + суффикс -ie ...

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25 авг 2016 ... Yuppies Indeed are an emerging band from Belarus, and this single is blowing our minds. “Be May She Ghost” excels at extracting the groovy ...

Яппи — Википедия


Я́ппи (англ. Yuppie, аббр. от Young Urban Professional Person + суфф. -ie — молодой городской профессиональный человек; иногда встречается ...

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12 дек 2013 ... Организация выступлений 8(926)5747243 (www.yuppies-band.ru) Кавер группа Yuppies - это живая музыка на праздник, свадьбу, ...

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Магазин Yuppies Fashion Official Online Store продаёт юбка белый,юбка трубки,юбка стринги и юбка белый на AliExpress.com. Безопасные покупки и  ...

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17 фев 2015 ... Организация выступлений 8(926)5747243 (www.yuppies-band.ru) Кавер группа Yuppies к вашим услугам. Мы работаем для того, чтобы ...

Доброе утро, профсоюзы!. Живой концерт. Группа Yuppies ...


Кавер-группа Yuppies сегодня в гостях у "Профсоюзов". Между исполнением популярных треков музыканты ответят на вопросы ведущих. Нет ли ...

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May 31, 2016 ... Yuppies Dance 2 ... Yuppies Band 7,957 views. 45:47 ... Живая музыка от кавер -группы "Yuppies" - Каталог артистов - Duration: 8:08.

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Yuppie is a term that was introduced in the early 1980s and is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as an individual who is a "member of a socio-economic group comprising young professional people working in cities.".

Urban Dictionary: yuppie


Informal for (y)oung (U)rban (P)rofessional, or Yup. turned into yuppie in the 1980's.

Yuppies - Uncyclopedia - Wikia


Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Puppies? Yuppies are the unwanted spawn of the super-rich. Despite the fact that many of them are "educated" at fancy universities, they are extremely wealthy yet don't know why.



Around these parts, the only tornado we witnessed touched ground inside Music Hall of Williamsburg on the night of October 2. Fittingly, that’s when Omaha, Nebraska’s Yuppies happened…

What are Yuppies? (with pictures)


Yuppies are young professionals who typically live in in urban or suburban areas. The term “yuppie” is derived from “young urban professional...

Yuppies - definition of Yuppies by The Free Dictionary


Yuppies synonyms, Yuppies pronunciation, Yuppies translation, English dictionary definition of Yuppies. n. Informal A young city or suburban resident with a...

Yuppie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


A yuppie is defined by one source as being "a young college-educated adult who has a job that pays a lot of money and who lives and works in or near a large city". This acronym first came into use in the early 1980s. Edit. Author and political commentator Victor Davis Hanson has written: Edit.

Yuppie Definition | Investopedia


A yuppie is often characterized by youth, affluence and business success.

Кавер группа Yuppies www.yuppiesband.ru | ВКонтакте


Yuppies - Музыкальные коллективы / ВИА, Кавер группы | Каталог артистов - EventCatalog.ru.

Yuppies | Define Yuppies at Dictionary.com


(also Yup or yuppoid or yupster) An affluent, usually city-dwelling, professional in his or her 20s and 30s; a prosperous and ambitious young professional: Yuppies are dedicated to the twin goals of...

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