24 июл 2017 ... In my household we usually start getting ready for New Year in advance: we find the best presents, buy lots of food and adorn our flat with different garlands and the New Year tree. Sometimes we create our own costumes for New Year party because it's a funny tradition in our family to celebrate the New ...


My Hobby. This material contains samples of short stories about hobbies, with Russian translation of words and phrases. Related words and phrases can be found in the materials Typical Day (the part "Free time, sports, hobbies") in the section Vocabulary and About Myself in the section Phrases. Данный материал  ...


Тебе пригодятся самые разнообразные топики и сочинения на английском языке на тему «Мое хобби. My hobby». Твои тексты о хобби расскажут о тебе многое. Если они действительно увлекают тебя и открывают волшебный мир кинематографа, музыки, путешествий, спорта, то потрудись рассказать об ...


My native city is Kharkov. I have been living here for 17 years and have a lot of recollections connected with this city. The history of Kharkov dates back to the 17 th century. when Ukrainian cossacks led by I. Karkach built a fortified settlement oil the plateau surrounded by the Kharkov and the Lopan rivers. Nowadays it's a  ...


My every day activities are quite routine. They do not differ much from those of any other pupil of our country. My working day begins at 7 o'clock in the morning when I get up. I do my physical jerks, wash, brush my teeth and comb my hair. Then I have breakfast. For breakfast I usually have toasted bread, fried eggs, corn  ...


I live in a 5-storied block of flats in Yushno-Sakhalinsk. It's not a very picturesque place but we have a yard and a Kodak Express studio under the window. My flat is on the third floor. It's very comfortable and well planned. I have all modern conveniences, such as central heating, electricity, cold and hot running water and a ...


Перевод текста: My School - Моя школа (4). Наша школа — красивое четырехэтажное здание. В ней много классов и специализированных кабинетов для изучения разных предметов. Школьники изучают математику, физику, химию, русский язык, английский язык, историю, географию и биологию в ...


14 апр 2017 ... And the first thing that I have to do is to feed my hungry cat. After that, I can change into more comfortable clothes and prepare supper. I always have a lot of housework to do in the evening, I water the flowers, tidy up my flat and take a shower. Sometimes I watch TV series, Skype to my relatives and play ...


My Flat (1). We have a nice flat in a new block of flats. Our flat is on the fourth floor . It has all modern conveniences: central heating, gas, electricity, cold and hot water, a lift and a chute to carry rubbish down. There are three rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a hall in our flat. The living-room is the largest and most ...


4.2 587 sharadrutyun. Английский (топики/темы): My Flat - Моя квартира (1). My Flat (1). We have a nice flat in a new block of flats.www.native-english.ru.


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My family lives in a 9-storeyed building, which is situated near the city center. There is a nursery, school, several shops and a brasserie not far from the house.


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