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These movies include the characters like zombies, vampire, ghosts, demons, hounds, monsters, supernatural spirits, evil spirits, witch and many other horrible characters. Movienasha compiled a list of Top 10 Bollywood Horror Movies.


Think of Top horror movies In Bollywood then what things pop up in your head first, an Old Mansion, an old guy named Ramu Kaka, a cracked door, Ugly faces and horrible creatures. It was the old-fashioned movies which graphics and apparels are so awful...


80s Bollywood Horror Films was an Era where many filmmaker tries to make Horror movies but Ramsay Brothers got Major successful in Horror Movies Erena. Ramsay brothers started to make Horror Films on by one in a row.


Horror movies in Bollywood have their own frightening pull on the audiences. While Hollywood horror tends to reflect on a curse that prevails in a home, Bollywood horror films tend to have infidelity and revenge as the core themes.


Horror / Other Language.


IMDb Rating: 8.2/10 Genre: Drama Director: Gajendra Ahire Release Date: 9 August 2017 Star Cast: Anjali Patil, Raghuvir Yadav, Nagraj Manjule Movie Story: A young lady witnesses a crime in Mumbai whic. Download. Bollywood Movies.


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Hollywood Bollywood Tamil Horror movies list, English Hindi Horror movies. Oculus. Release Date: 11-April-2014.


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