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Step 11: Copy your App ID & App Secret Key from Facebook. Your app is now fully setup.


Step 1. Here’s the link where you would start: create a Facebook app. On the pop up, specify your app name (the name of your website or app) and app namespace (used for your Facebook app URL e.g., http


Step 8: Enter the Facebook App ID and App Secret on the Advanced Settings page of your app in AppMachine.


To create the Facebook app, App ID, and App Secret, follow the below steps.


To start using Facebook features you should get Facebook App ID and Secret Key to fill the according wpForo options in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > API's admin page


Теперь можно скопировать значения «App ID» и «App Secret» и переходить к следующему шагу.


How To Create A Simple Facebook App to Receive an App ID and Secret Key.


Facebook App ID key which is the unique numerical identifier helps to determine not only the


Facebook app Id and secret key is a major requirement to configure any facebook related plugin or tool. Learn how to create basic Facebook App & get ID.


You should now add the App ID and App Secret into the Ultimate Member Settings Facebook Tab if you have not already done so. Last updated on April 20, 2018. Toggle Search.


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