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The Japanese certainly have ways to say "I love you", namely "Aishite iru" and the more common "Daisuki".


Most families overlook Japan in favor of more “touristy” places, because most people aren’t yet aware that Japan is the perfect family destination in so many ways. However, this is starting to change. If your kids like art, you’ll love Naoshima Art Island!


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In Japanese culture and tradition, love is portrayed as a divine feeling bonded by god and torn only by death.


Now every time I eat dango, or even think about them for that matter, I start to sing the Dango Family song in my head!


Pronouncing I love you in Japanese. If you want to confess your love to someone, just say...


Japanese men are standing up proud and telling the world how much they love their wives, in a


Saying I love you in Japanese is actually a lot harder than you might think.


It is really nice to meet you here. thank you for visiting my profile. since I look younger than my scientific article Age, 20's guys will ask me for going out often. the reason I started this app was I want


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