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A frivolous lawsuit emphasizes legal claims that do not have any legal value and most frivolous cases do not even reach the courtroom. Frivolous lawsuits abuse the law, court process, and once a court recognizes a lawsuit that is labeled frivolous, it is dismissed or amended.


Most frivolous cases are filed because the person is just doing it for fun, or they just want to make money.


обстоятельство; положение; дело; as the case stands при данном положении дел borderline ~ пограничный инцидент borderline ~ промежуточный случай bring a ~ before a court возбуждать уголовное дело bring a ~ before a court подавать в


[a]lthough most of these cases [brought by state prisoners in federal court under § 1983] present frivolous claims, many are litigated through the courts of appeals to this Court.


More info on Frivolous lawsuit. Wikis. Encyclopedia. Statutes and rules of court penalizing frivolous litigation.


Although many courts have tried to define “frivolous,” a


Dilatory or Frivolous. Two Recent Cases Address Appellate-Court Sanctions.


limited number of cases with clearly egregious conduct.32 Within that narrow band of cases, however, legal options other than frivolous action sanctions might prove more expedient: summary judgment can dismiss truly meritless cases, and contempt of court can rein in


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