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The WorldSkills movement has assertively become a part of the Russian vocational education field and has become popular among young people. The atmosphere of this event allows participants to fully discover their talents, while the high results create the basis for new standards of professional...


Employees receive both compulsory education and additional professional development programs


Participants in international WorldSkills Competition events have usually been involved in regional and national Competitions in their home country.


The 500 young competitors demonstrated the exceptional standard of their vocational skills.


• Vocational Graduate Certificate. or. (b) an alternative pathway to Professional status as may be approved case by case basis by the Member Associations in line


WorldSkills Hi-Tech Competitions also included intensive business program with more than 2,000 participants – HR


03. The continuing development of professional competence involves a program of lifelong educational activities.


Lunch with the Arts exposes participants to an informal demonstration/discussion pertaining to the


The worldskills standards specification (wsss). General notes on the wsss. The WSSS specifies the knowledge, understanding and specific skills that underpin international best practice in technical and vocational performance.


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